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MLK Day Project

On Martin Luther King day in January, we completed a big project to deal with invading roots from the Poplar tree and rose bushes in

MLK Day Project

On Martin Luther King day in January, we completed a big project to deal with invading roots from the Poplar

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MLK Day Project

On Martin Luther King day in January, we completed a big project to deal with invading roots from the Poplar tree and rose bushes in the northeast corner of the garden. We rented a “Ditch Witch” power trencher and cut an 18-inch-deep trench along the north boundary and around the northeast corner. Then on MLK day, we had 18 energetic volunteers from UW finish the trench, insert fiberglass panels as weed barriers, and re-fill the trench. The volunteers also worked to refresh pathways and remove millions of roots!

Humungous thanks to Native Plant Border partners Barbara Broderick and Tom Kelly, and to awesome hardworking P-Patch volunteers Leslye Coe, Liz & Jeff Bottman, Bozena Jakubik, Susan Eggers, and Marty & Bob DeLong!

Fall Greetings – End of Season 2018 Update

Sincere thanks to all gardeners who met the October 31st deadline to record community hours and did a great job of winterization! Hoses have been drained and stowed and the water will be shut off soon. Magnuson P-Patch is well-prepared for another soggy winter.

Magnuson gardeners donated 4347 pounds, over TWO TONS, of high-quality produce to the food bank. OUTSTANDING work by everyone involved! There will be a final delivery before Thanksgiving.

Our Neighborhood Matching Fund grant resulted in LOTS of improvements to Magnuson P-Patch. Big thanks to everyone who participated.

Tentative date for the 2019 Spring Gardener Gathering kickoff meeting: early April 2019. (P-Patch gardeners – details to follow via email.)

FREE monthly events for children at Magnuson

The Magnuson Children’s Garden Committee hosts a variety of FREE monthly events in the garden and nature walks in the park from spring to fall each year:

  • Family Garden Days: Drop-in garden and nature exploration activities for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Community Stewardship Events: Drop in for an hour or two of easy and simple gardening for all ages and abilities, and we provide all gloves and tools!
  • Family Garden Classes: A learning experience for parents and children together, with hands-on activities and take-home projects!
  • Nature Walks: Visits to natural areas such as the Magnuson Wetlands, Promontory Point, and more!

We welcome you to attend these fun and educational events, and to visit the Children’s Garden any time for self-guided adventures.  For more info, or to subscribe to our free “Magnuson Nature News” monthly e-newsletter, visit

Tranquility Committee at the Magnuson P Patch gets off the ground with Stone Soup event

The newly formed Tranquility Committee at the P Patch finished the 2017 gardening season with an event at the annual Children’s Garden Scarecrow Fest in September. Ellen Carpintier led a team in creating a cozy place for children to sit and hear the story “Stone Soup”, while they put the proverbial stone, as well as fresh vegetables from our gardens, into a large pot. With a magical stir, the children created soup— and they were treated to a small cup of hot vegetable soup. The soups were provided by 6 P Patch volunteers, using lots of garden vegetables. We had many readings, and served over 100 children that day at the festival, including a number of our neighboring children from Solid Ground Housing. Our booth had P Patch signs as well as vegetable IDs. It was a fun, lively, interactive day for all of us!

Many thanks to our volunteers that day: Ellen Carpintier, Judy Foley, Kathy Graunke, Cyril Hegel, Linda Strandberg, and Julie Willaford. It took many volunteers—if we have overlooked your participation, we apologize, everyone’s help was hugely appreciated. We also had a Roosevelt High School volunteer, Rosa, who was a big help as well. And additional thanks to Papa Murphy’s on Lake City Way who provided the plastic cups and pizza coupons for the kids.

June 10th Work Party

work party 6/10/17At the work party last Saturday, we had over 33 gardeners participate with a total of 96 hours! The weather was perfect: cool and cloudy but dry and bright.

– One plot was overgrown with horsetails. An elite team cleared the plot so the new gardener could get started.











– One gardener had medical issues had asked for help weeding. Another hardworking team weeded her plot. She was delighted with the result!

– We hung out lots and lots of the burlap bags to dry. Once they were dry, we re-stacked them in the concrete bunker by the compost bin and covered them with tarps so they’ll be re-usable in the fall.


– We cleared a load of trash that had been dumped in one of the concrete bunkers and arranged to take it to the dump.

– A big team led by the inimitable Marty DeLong weeded the perennial garden.

– A few meticulous gardeners carefully weeded and widened the gravel pathway alongside the raised beds.

People baked and brought way too many deliciously tempting goodies!

new sign for Magnuson Community Garden's Demonstration Orchard

We have a new sign!

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